Extraordinary Invitation

Hello to the Wellest of Beings!
I invite you to an extraordinary event: an Introduction to the Landmark Forum.
I am sending this to everybody in my network who has interest in well being and in human empowerment.
I know you to be purposed professionals, committed to the great work we are all doing in generating holistic Well Being and transforming suffering in all modalities.
I would love for you to come experience this event, to see what might be possible for you and the people in your life around you.
A well being is one who is agent in his life.
I am involved in powerful work with Landmark Education and have found a new dimension to Being Powerful and effective in my own life, and I want to share this with you.  I welcome you to come and to bring whomever you’d like.
This is one of the most important letters I will write.
I warmly and happily invite you to a gathering for an
Introduction to the Landmark Forum
to be led by Landmark Forum Introduction Leader Phil Thomas!
It will happen
    March 3, 2009, a Tuesday evening  from 7:00 -10:00p.m.
In Chevy Chase —  Diana Morgan’s home
    4308 Rosemary Street (cross street is Maple Avenue)
    Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
The event is Free and promises to be one of the memorable evenings of your lifetime.
You will have a chance to register into the Landmark Forum, so please bring your day-timers and form of payment (check or credit card) in the event that the presentation speaks to you and you’d like to register.
For those of you who would like to know a little more about Landmark before you step in the door here
You can see a little of the work at www.landmarkeducation.com
and there is a short video intro there as well.
Experiencing the Landmark Forum and subsequent transformational work has changed my life in so many powerful and creative ways. People who undertake Landmark’s work discover poignant insights into their growth and development; it makes available the realms of our existence where anything is possible for ourselves and our lives.
And we’re sharing it with the Wellness and Well-Being communities, including practitioners of all discipline:  allopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, energy workers in reiki, pranic healing, chakra energizing, yoga and other mindfulness practices, and spirit healers, to mention just a few.  Traditional and Alternative therapeutic communities are coming together in groundbreaking new ways to collaboratively empower people in claiming agency in their personal well-being, and the Landmark Forum offers an avenue toward languaging this ongoingly-developing common ground.
I am so pleased to share this program with you.  Will you join us please?  Anybody you’d like to bring with you is also welcome, and I look forward to meeting anybody with whom you’d like to experience this work.  I am certain that you will make an extraordinary contribution to this community of thinkers and explorers.
I am committed that you personally get tremendous value from the event — During this time of such profound change for you and those around you, I believe there is a pristine clarity available for you simply by being present at this event. 
Please plan on coming a little early as well; so many of the practitioners gathering would love a dialogue with you.  And please accept in advance my deep gratitude for what you are about to contribute.
My cellphone is below; please call with any questions at all and to let me know how many you’ll be bringing with you. 
We also welcome kids over the age of fifteen.
I look forward to a wonderful evening of breakthrough transformation.  Thank you in advance for your great spirit!
Namaste,  Tom 

J. Thomas Acklin MD


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