Vibrant Well Being is for YOU

Univera Transformation

Dearest friend in Well Being,

I have discovered in the past six months a wonderful scientific company producing a groundbreaking product optimizing cellular renewal technology. I am so impressed with both the product and the company, that I joined this team of amazing people. Some of them are healers and some of them are scientists and some are nutritionists and all of them have a commitmet to the excellence and Well Being of humanity. Reversing the Aging Process, optimizing Cell Renewal and reinvigorating every bodily system, Ageless XTra is truly one of the remarkable scientific contributions of our time. I would very much like to introduce you to this company and the miracle that is Well Being for everybody on the planet.

check out this stuff~~ 1. This is a video on the science of cell renewal and also a virtual tour of Econet Research lab in Washington:

2. This is an interview with Stephen Cherniske about the Metabolic Plan and Univera products:

White Papers and info on Patents, Trademarks, Research, and Clinical projects

You may also view our marketing website

….. and I will tell you more and more as we get deeper into discussion. The humanitarian stand that Univera takes is impressive and life-altering; the entire company practices loving principles of personal empowerment, brings people to a place where they can powerfully and autonomously choose a path for improving the quality of their lives, and then provides access. Univera delivers.

And I know that you are committed to this same high standard of individual healing and empowerment, and this is why I choose to share these products and this stunning company with you. Univera is on the ground floor in being reliable advocacy for natural healing products, and already demonstrating that Relationship Marketing is already one of the most successful business model of the next millenium.

And the entire team of scientists and healers is working and discovering right in the sweet spot of things. Personally, I’ve been on the Ageless Xtra product for three months and my sense of comfort and clarity and youthfulness has new-stratosphered. I would love to tell you more about it at your convenience. peace abundant in you, Tom

3. This is a story that Fox News did on someone who had a remarkable improvement in health.

Univera’s Science website includes

J. Thomas Acklin MD




“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
-Arundhati Roy


2 Responses to “Vibrant Well Being is for YOU”

  1. Xplore Univera « Lightrocks’s Blog Says:

    […] Lightrocks’s Blog Just another weblog « Vibrant Well Being is for YOU […]

  2. fred11758 Says:

    Yep, Univera is a great company. I’ved tried the Univera products and they’re awesome. I love Xtra and GoVera.

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