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Xplore Univera

September 29, 2009

            Xplore Univera

Tuesday, September 29

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

7:00pm networking

(Thank you for your promptness)

Southern Asian Church

Community Room

                                                2001 East Randolph Road

                                                Silver Spring,  MD 20904

                   Univera is a unique wellness community that offers a proactive approach to wellness and the keys to building a balanced lifestyle.

Improve your health and quality of life. Learn how to …

  • Reduce stress and gain mental clarity and focused energy
  • Boost your energy at the cellular level without stimulants
  • Increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat
  • Regain your youthful energy and glow
  • Optimize metabolic function, increasing strength and stamina
  • Strengthen your immune system, enhancing cellular renewal and repair
  • Increase joint flexibility and comfort

Create a home business that runs while you sleep …

  • Enhance your lifestyle by working with a team to leverage your time
  • Capitalize on an unlimited residual income potential
  • Learn why Univera is the most lucrative business plan in the industry
  • See our tax benefits with no franchise fees or employees
  • Find out what’s spurring our growth and recruiting efforts across North America
Are you ready to experience renewal?

J. Thomas Acklin MD

Well Being
Vibrant Well Being is for YOU!

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
-Arundhati Roy