What is We!! Being.

Does “What is Well ”  have a question mark in it?

What if instantaneous healing is accessible to all of us, right here, right now? 
What if the access to HI (Healing Instantaneously) is hidden in the question mark?

What was the last thing you knew you were right about ?  Was it fun to prove it to those folks around you who didn’t quite get it yet ?  In my experience, most of the times I know I’m right are not much fun for the people around me!  Where we know, we stop the flow.

I am blessed to be surrounded by fascinating committed highly-skilled compassionate forward-thinking people, some of whom consider themselves healers in myriad realm, and some who don’t yet know that they are.  I offer a few thoughts for consideration, knowing that we are delving into a very rich conversation thanks to who you all are and what you’re about to contribute to my life.  Thank you for exploring with me, and for reading these words as if they’re yours.

Often, there is great relief in hearing something from another’s mouth that resonates with what we know.  There is an  “oh, there I AM!”ness that both validates and inspires.  Many of us know the feeling of “being in the right place” when all the messages around us seem to align with what we already know about ourselves. When that feeling arises, it is usually because of a discovery, a revelation,  This sense of “aha!” discovery is only available where we don’t yet know for certain what is about to happen.

I offer this idea:
The “I know” is self.  The “I don’t know”  is an invitation to community, an invitation to the sacred connection we all yearn to remember so to know that profound relief of belonging.
“I don’t know” is a generous willingness, a promise and an offer to all those around you that you’re in an exploration, in a space of contribution to be both given and received.

Where we are connected, we are well, we are ease and flow.  At the point of separation — the dis-connect — the dis-ease is born, the flow is interrupted, and the opportunity arises …to remember how we were connected when well was all we knew.

Trust is the great healer. And curiosity is the fuel for every spiritual quest ever taken.
A curious heart and mind — the question of the child — asks and lets go, i.e. there is a real question mark at the end of the sentence!  And here — in that sacred silent pause after the question is posed, in the waiting for the response –is the healing power of trust.  

Prayer can be defined as  “an earnest request or wish”; a lesser-used definition is “a slight chance” (as in, haven’t got a prayer).  Use these definitions for this thought. 
In our darkest times, our earnest request, our prayer, is to something or some force that can do for us what we cannot do by and for ourselves.
What if Willingness is the Key, the access to the unknown, that possibly unseen thing that will take us by surprise as the answer to all our prayers? 
We all pray. (shhhh…. there it is, the silence, the gap in between the thoughts!) 
Prayer –the asking– is itself the key that opens the door of community, a place where we are no longer by ourselves.

When there is something “wrong” — some dis-ease, adversity, struggle, problem — we tend to not be in simple clear communication with the person we think responsible (the one who “did it to us, darn it all!)  Humans– we love our gossip!  We will talk and talk to find others who agree with us so that we can gather evidence so to know that we’re right, all the while avoiding the very thing that, given compassionate and curious attention, would be healed.  What if the willingness to approach these situations was itself the healing force of the situation ?

Jackson Brown would call it looking into the eyes of the sun.  I’ll sing for you later.

Switch gears for a moment to a dream, a nirvana (how many times a day does somebody suggest *that* to you ?!)  Imagine the most thriving state of Human Being.  We are all sufficiently cared-for, well-fed, nourished of body, mind, and spirit. There is enough.  Given a foundation where basic needs are met, and even luxury choices are available and plentiful, a happy healthy whole “individual” finds him or herself in communication with others.  What do we do there in the place where you have enough?   What do we proclaim with our days and our doings?

I assert that what we do is connect. When all fears are released, and when we are perfectly comfortable, competent, and calm, we…  become We.
We with two exclamation points is We!! Being. 
We become well in Proclamation.

Each of the “enough” people choose often to be with each other,
I believe that we are missioned on this planet to bring all of the Enough People together, in creation of a community of healers who know that Well Being is an inside job.  Healers and leaders and inspirational gurus across time and planet have carried the message in so many different ways:  Be the Light.  When my gas tank is full, then I can best be of service to my loved ones and even strangers.  I believe that being around the Enough People is a significant part of remembering the ways to fill my tank.  Being around you, I get to look in the mirror at every turn.  I get to look at you for real, at the essence of you, because I trust me, because I’m willing to live in question mark.

So which way to we turn to connect?  Does it matter?

Next week we will explore the idea that a thriving Well Being trusts that Still Small Voice inside (assuming we hear it and pay attention in the first place!).  and we will begin to identify the objective and tangible ways that we pursue therapeutics incorporating these ideologies.
Please keep your eyes open.

What if the following statement is true?
What is right.

Then it may follow that Peace, Being Well =  HI !



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  1. Don Edwards Says:

    Eyes & ears open…

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