universal intention

I welcome your thoughts and perspective, your energies and alignment.
I intend:
The Universe is cooperating collaborating conspiring to bring forth my highest and best thriving self, happy and whole Well Being.  My body, mind, and spirit are energized and optimized, and there is integrity in my thoughts and actions such that what I DO is a reflection of my highest BEING, and is manifesting my greatest desires.
Each Being on Earth is motivated and empowered in walking their journey, ongoingly discovering the next version of who we are supposed to be, willingly letting go of the old which is no longer here, and enthusiastically stepping into the opportunity of the new, which is the Universe’s offering to us.
Every Being discovers and uses language to describe their own version of Well Being, and knows and feels that they are supported in putting those thoughts into practice.
We all know the power and relief of being in communication, connected and thriving in community, and turn often in good times and bad toward the holistic support of fellowship and group.
We each know how to access our Still Small Voice, that gut instinct which knows the Next Right Thing; we check in with ourselves regularly, and have the courage and the resources to effect action in alignment with what we “know”.
We share what we discover, as celebration of self, and with intention of being contribution.
peaceful eve,  Being Well,





One Response to “universal intention”

  1. ricbldwn Says:

    Sorry I took so long to read your blog. After getting back home to”Hartford,Corrupticut USA”as you may recall there was much to be done. I’m trying to save the soul(& all attached parts)of a lady friend visiting from Florida,then New Years & all attendant funning. Now on my way to Mexico for 2 weeks to seek my place in the sun & more fun. There’s much AA in Gringoville,but they sometimes get led astray. I like to stop down & wipe away their frowns.

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