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we lack will power ?

December 30, 2013

What if our body had all the energy and resources necessary to carry out every desire of the brain.   Do we lack will power ?  Is Human Being essentially lazy ?   It doesn’t seem so, as our minds keep coming up with ideas for change, resolutions for new ways of being, commitments to the future new-better-stronger US.  Our minds continue to work; this is not the mindset of a lazy creature, but that of a creature of evolution, looking for the what’s next.  So lack of Will Power does not seem to be our dilemma.   

Once we’ve made the decision, do we keep to what we say?  

Do we maintain the new diet we say we want?  Do we keep to the fitness regimen we’ve chosen to embark upon?  Do we hold to the resolve to see or not see that person in our life with whom we have a a push-pull relationship?  Does our mind-body-spirit entity actually carry out what the brain says is the choice?  Will Power is certainly there, else we’d have not made the choice in the first place;  STAY POWER is missing.  

WHat if we had the metabolic efficiency, the physical structural integrity –at the cell level, sufficient for the body to carry out the request of the mind?