I don’t know… yet.

I’m scared to write anything down because I’m the scientist and I’m supposed to have it all figured out before I “go public”, right ?

One of the messages I’m committed to exploring– IN communication, IN community, and IN communion and collegueship–  is that we figure it out as we go, and that one of the most important and healing things we can say is “I don’t know.”

I believe that healing happens in dialogue.  Real dialogue only happens where there is curiosity.  When I’m curious, truly willing to hear what you have to say, I listen.  When I’m present with you, listening deeply, then whatever I might “know” or say might be a contribution to us both.  In contribution, there is evolution.  

In evolution, there is a mandatory de facto healing.  The past is gone and the moment is alive.

I had not idea I was going to write that last sentence when I wrote the first.  

I don’t know what happens next.  And I’m excited to share with you that I feel the freedom to explore it with you.


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