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mirror rorrim (mirror ROAR IAM ? :)

March 26, 2014

just a quick thought this morning,
as I was checkin’ myself out (yah, you know it really just ain’t that hideous anymore, getting better and better each moment ūüôā

I remember hearing somebody say that we get better and we can see ourselves in the mirror– our real selves — and then there is the beginning of acceptance, self love, true caring. ¬†And then I start treating myself preciously.

Then we get to walk around on the planet and let other people treat us that way too. If the people in your life are treating you like the guy or girl in the mirror treats you — if they care and love you and surrender to you — they’re keepers!

And when I notice that they’re not treating me that way‚Ķ
well my number one job is to get myself back to the mirror, tell myself the truth about who I am and who I desire and deserve, and THEN go back out there and let the Universe bring those loving people to me.

And then I just get to sit back and laugh and have fun all day!

Put something really great and natural and nourishing in your body right now. Then…

Get to the mirror right now and tell yourself how amazing you are.

PEace, Tom


What do the winners eat ?

March 25, 2014

We are what we eat.

I do a lot of nutritional counseling, and the foundation of the ideologies I work with is that our bodies are an expression of the environments we offer them. ¬†Surround and nourish with good food and high-quality nutrients, ¬†and you’ll thrive as a high-quality BEING.

The same is true of our minds and hearts. ¬†Stick with the Winners! ¬†As I’ve gotten happier and happier every year of my sobriety, my sense of self improves, and my instincts sharpen; I feel drawn more and more to men and women who are THRIVING, living a life they love, grateful for The Promises coming true in their lives¬†as a result of the work they do in pay-it-forward empowerment work.

I want to be around people who give it away, because a) they rock !  and b)  their energy feels great, and c)  I want to learn more and more profound ways to share the parts of my life that I love. Being surrounded by and nourished by people who do this is one of the fast-track powerful ways to become what I admire!