i can see !

“Oh Lord make me a channel of thy peace!”

So speaketh St. Francis.

I always envision him with birds and flowers and gorgeous abundant nature around him, and I wonder if God is laughing in response, saying “oh brother, open your eyes and look what I’ve provided you; you are the ultimate infinite channel!”

My eyes get more and more open every day I choose to connect deeper with the humanity around me, each time I choose curiosity and courage, and each time I give myself permission to let other people empower me to figure it out *in*community* rather than going it alone.  Self-sufficiency keeps me in the problem; stepping forward into communication — even if I haven’t fully solved the situation myself!– is growing in the solution.

I’m committed to not impairing myself today.  WHEN I’m successful in not impairing myself — when I can stay out of my way and limit the way my thinking brain pays attention to things — I have a greater and greater chance of letting the abundances around me find my eyes !

What a beautiful enlightenment it is to realize that everything we’ve been petitioning for was — and IS !– right here all along.

The Universe of LoVe and evolution of being  is PAID in full ~~  Prayers Answered Immediately, DONE!



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