This is an easy fun Mirror Meditation

The Ultimate BE*WITH*ME  experience

Goal:  to experience oneself as an observer


Set a timer:  choose something between five and ten minutes.  Setting a timer allows full focus on the exercise without having to attend to the timeclock.

Sit or stand comfortably, in front of a mirror:  mirror can be full-length or face/head only.  Please use a mirror big enough to at least allow visualizing your entire face and neck.

Make eye contact with yourself.  After making initial contact and holding your gaze and attention, let your eyes wander to other parts of your body if you feel called to do so, and return your gaze and attention to your own eyes as soon as comfortable.  Release any thoughts that come, and notice and release any judgements, comparisons, etc.

Breathing easily, let your shoulders fall away from your ears, torso and neck relaxed, and let the facial muscles relax, let the mouth relax, and find a place of comfortable stillness as much as possible.  When feeling calm and centered, attempt to “BE” the image in the mirror, watching your “real” self from behind the glass.

Physically try to imagine yourself “inside” the body of the reflection.  

Let the reflected image of you be a compassionate watchman or watchwoman.  Notice physical feelings and emotional feelings.

Let go of thoughts with the same ease that they appear.

After the timer goes off, thank yourself from both directions (image thanks the “real” you, and you thank the “illusion”).  And then

make written notes of your experience: These notes, journal entries, blog entries etc are for your personal exploration; please do not feel that you need to share anything at all.  If you feel moved to share with people in your life or other people in the project, please feel at liberty to do that as well.


note:   This exercise is not yet named!  If you have an idea for a catchy fun powerful user-friendly name, please share it with us.  Also, this exercise is phase one of an initiative called Conversations With Cancer.  We will be developing a larger context and language for that outreach and others, and would love input about the state of any Well Being issues where you might experience a shift, as well as any thoughts about who might benefit from experiencing this work.



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