meaning of life? Shrug.

My brain and so many others seem to pursue meaning. On my mind this morning:
“What is the meaning of Life?”
Silly pursuit you say? Frivolous even ? (Frivolous?! Only because the voices of those who walked before, unsuccessful, flock at the chance to nay-say like gulls around a newfound stray bread-slab on the boardwalk.) The bored walk is LIFE ? Maybe.

The question –which appears to be the stimulus, the respite from boredom, the spark of curiosity and thus adventure and the promise of cheese at the end of the tunnel — seems to be in the driver’s seat.
Yet when we answer the question, you’d think there would be a celebration of some kind. I mean , we’ve found the meaning of life, after all. Where is the key to the Garden of Eden? Where is the free pass for the wormhole to the BigBang? No, there doesn’t seem to be consensus for applause upon enlightenment. Meaning is simply meaning, and most of us listen to each other with a blip of curiosity and then a “nice for you” nod, muttering under our breath “ok, let’s get on with it now”. Secrets of the Universe revealed. No biggie. Where’s mine?

It isn’t usually a comprehensive and certainly not long-standing answer, but for the moment, it banishes the question. And as long as the question mark is receding in the rear-view (or better yet, flailing on the ground having been vanquished by our declaration, discovery, and exclamation point), we breathe in apparent ease. As do all around… for just a micron of time.
No, the answer to the “what is the meaning…” rings empty and at best, promising. And there is emptiness greater. In the coming-clear of the answer, for the sweetest little moment, there is “ahhh”, and then we can usually feel the Universe shrugging with a “cute work, kid… “. So ?

But what if this is the booby prize.
What if we actually found the answer,
and “the meaning of life” was clear?
Would the “meaning” actually invest vitality?
What then would we do about … actually… LIFE-ing ?!?

Live in the question today:
“What is LIFE?”
and I welcome your fellowship in our open eyes, taking it in,
and choosing actively from what we see
what answers the question and what does not.

And let’s walk knowingly toward those things that qualify.


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