Fifty ways to Love your Leaver

I’m grateful for:
1) Things in my life that say goodbye, and willingness to be flexible enough to let them go.
2) Exercise Tolerance: lifting a little more today than I might, and releasing the old me.
3) Warm java, and the wave of YUM that washes out the craving hungry thirsty wanting.
4) My parents, and the parental urge in me that wants them to grow beyond amazing.
5) The pillow I laid down with last night, and the urge to move to another.
6) Melancholy, and the strength to be ok with it, with eyes open for the Next Me.
7) Tummy cramps, hiccups, and gastro-gas eruptions, and pleasuring myself with release.
8) Dimes and quarters I find on the floor, and the urge to give it all away as BONU$.
9) Sleepy eyes and tired back from a full-week’s day, and that first glimpse of dream.
10) Farting. Ahhhh…
11) LAUGHING at (my) farting, and letting myself realize others’ joys in their own.
12) Letting go of what people reading this might think of 10) and 11), and laughing again.
13) The seed of life, and all the ways we pollinate and inspire to new life.
14) Trajectories — the path of thrown balls, launched satellites, planes and idea…
15) Exhale. And the silence for just a moment before the breath.
16) My girlfriends: K, T, A, S, L, G, V, M, J, H, D, M, C, A, R, G, S, T, M*
17) My son and everyday he spends away filling the vortex of my ability to accept.
18) My grandparents: their work, their travel, passion, fun, humanity, community, healing
19) all the dollars I’ve offered to empower my needs and desires –cashFLOW!
20) all the previous cellphones and computers leading to these sleek integrated devices
21) the tick-ticks and calendar-flippings, everytime I was late, and all the right-on-time$
22) numbers before 22, making 22 possible
23) babbling and scribbling, wordplay and dreamhaze, amorphous creative urge
24) Monte and the VW BUS and Volvo and Camry and Nova and FOCUS, and great tires and treads
25) shoveling snow, clearing path, scrubbing sidewalk algae and table leaf mold, knowing new
26) strong feet and a love of walking, steps that lead to steps, footed because.
27) 7:11, 7/11, 7-11, seven-eleven, s’heaven eh? Leaven… coffee cups and strong lids
28) my gigs: frycook, waiter, DJ, counselor, Doc, teacher, empowerment guy, speaker, writer
29) passion in the moment of composition, and short memory, in the moment of next
30) meditation, my third eye, and the still small voice of gut instinct
31) compelling drive to share and show and elevate and $OAR
32) Storm clouds, shifting $kye$, rainbows and gusty fronts, and clear blue backsides
33) big windshields on winding mountain roads, and rear-view dust grateful for the nudge
34) sweet girl riding’ shotgun, reflections with the road, miles’ wisdoms, being newly-arrived
35) the chill that kicks on the heater, and the roar of fans confirming coming heat
36) cows and chickens and pigs and critters that give their lives so that I may nosh
37) anela and neeper and patient four-leggeds, demonstrating submissive interdependence
38) good grades, bad grades, diplomas and degrees and boxing up the frames to get free
39) knowing independence, and then knowing the ease and joy and reward of collaboration
40) hitting bottom to let go of the bottle so to access “Humanity as Organism Thrives”
41) The Law of Attraction, and arousing dormant beliefs to see them RAGE, to watch them wither
42) My travel bug, inner fire, open eyes, curious heart, driven detective, satisfied consumer
43) love of games, athletic drive, competetive edge, winning and honoring my competition
44) tears and fears and goosebumps and speed bumps and hip bumps and quick humps
45) sewers & flushes & transits & conveyances, of people & freight & food & shit, & clean bowl
46) olives, avo, plant and fish oil, and the wafting mist of arterial plaque they carry away
47) my fingertips, persistently printed, always sloughing skin and poking into something new
48) parliamentary chaos and congressional chatter, and the gorgeous silence in recess
49) crucifixions and resurrections, and the power of “get up one time more than you fall”
50) Engagement, release, magnetic attraction, distance, remembering connection = WE is GOD.


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