Conversations WITH Cancer

this is the very beginning of a description, and IAM grateful to all who put eyes and constructive thought to it:

Conversations With Cancer is:

A global social media platform championing the Blank Slate, the RESET, the New Now,

The Grace of the Second Chance, the magic of Do-Over.

TRANSFORMATION, in the moment, of pre-existing ideas/ideology of what cancer is


An Education for newly diagnosed cancer patients

— a sense of comfort, relief, belonging

— leaving their oncologist’s office with a sense of serenity and hope, glass half full

— belief that they can share The News with people in their lives and enroll support

— a beginning, a new way of thinking that says “IAM about to be better than I’ve ever been!”

An Ongoing Growth and Development platform and community for HEALED cancer patients

Social Change Agent, a respected GO-TO voice for a perspective of TRANSFORMATION

A centerpiece for the Healing Communities, a playground to develop NEW LANGUAGE,

Languaging “What It Means to Be WELL”

An Education for practitioners

— clear objective footed results for traditional scientists and providers

— new accessible language for alternative practitioners

— clear objective footed results for alternative practitioners

— new accessible language for traditional scientists and providers

— brainstorm barnstorm for everybody who has ever made a promise to themselves to be a healer

— a reminder to jaded/disillusioned therapists/healers who deserve a new injection of purpose

— a massive community of trained experienced SAFE-SPACE practitioners, LISTENERS who actually do not know what is about to come out of the person with whom they are engaged

A Public Service Announcement

— a massive presence in the social mindset, the GO-TO place for cancer.  It is known that when people undertake the journey of cancer healing, they’re taking on a gift from the planet and doing a service to all of HumanKind.  Nobody asks for or seeks out cancer, but all who are found by it are left joining a fraternity and fellowship that could never have been imagined without the ride.

The phrase “I won the lottery and fell in love with my cancer” is the cornerstone for myriad social-change agencies and artistic platforms expressing self.
PLAY with me here …  (and what else do you think/say/declare it should be ? 🙂

CWC is an inquiry and a knowing that Discovery is simply a stepping stone to next discovery

CWC is a playground, a DisneyWorld, an amusement park for surprising and shocking news

CWC is a treasure hunt, and a field of reward

CWC is a place to fill your batteries

CWC is an art colony, an IMPROV STAGE, a carte blanche for the suppressed soul

CWC is a fresh breath of inspiration and commitment, a personal spark plug

CWC is a place where people find their VOICE, and where they find listening hearts

CWC is a merging of the senses, and an evolution of the known, new sense and new grace


CWC is a place where people discover TRUE CHOICE, and where choices are honored

CWC is a global megaphone

CWC is a diary, a safe space to write and find, and share if so chosen

CWC is the legacy of Human Being
Cancer is…


One Response to “Conversations WITH Cancer”

  1. Geraldine Lloyd Says:

    Thank you for this true beginning of a mindset that needs cleansing and recycled, refreshed in ways to help the the growing cancer community find hope and healing. This will be a revolutionary shift in consciousness and direction!

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